Who can join?

You have the right to become a member if you are employed within the unemployment fund's business area or if you in your most recent employment worked in the fund's business area. The fund's business area is limited to employees employed in Sweden within the finance and insurance area, as well as entrepreneurs and contractors in the financial and insurance area.

How do you apply?

You can apply for membership by completing an electronic application which you can access using electronic identification as BankID. If you do not have e-identification / BankID you can contact us and we will help you out. 

Personal integrity

We at the unemployment fund safeguard the integrity of our members and that you as a member should be guaranteed that we handle your personal data with a high level of protection. We are also confident that you will have full transparency in how your personal data is processed, that you know your rights and that you should be able to exercise them in a smooth way.

Before you become a member, please read about how we process your personal data.

Information about our Data Protection Officer (DPO) can he found here.


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