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Web portal for seeking benefit

"Mina Sidor" is a digital service, which gives you as a job-seeking member many opportunities. Here you can:

  • Apply for unemployment benefit completely digital.
  • Upload supplementary documents.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Read letters and messages from the unemployment fund.
  • Report time.
  • See your payouts.
  • You can also receive notifications via text message (sms) and / or e-mails that there are new messages available in Mina Sidor.

 You can only log in to "Mina Sidor" using the electronic identification "BankID".


Web portal Mina Sidor

Web portal to manage your membership

"Mitt Medlemskap" is a web portal where you, as a member of our unemployment fund, can see information regarding your membership. This also applies if your membership is terminated or if you have submitted an application for which you have not yet received a reply.



Possibilities in "Mitt Medlemskap"

  • View the status of your membership.
  • Get an overview of payments and membership time.
  • Update contact information, payment method and selected communication method.
  • Send messages to your case worker.
  • Get answers to the most common questions.
  • Choose communication method with us at the unemployment fund.

If you choose postal communication, news, decision letters and messages will be send through regular post go to your home address. If you have the service for digital communication/mail "Kivra", then all communications will end up there and you will get a notification from Kivra in the way that you have chosen in Kivra.

If you have chosen Mitt Medlemskap as communication channel, then you have to specify whether you want to be notified through either e-mail or text message (SMS).

You can only log in to "Mitt Medlemskap" using the electronic identification "BankID".


Web portal Mitt Medlemskap